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April 20th - 22nd 2015 London, UK

For 2015 the SharePoint Evolution Conference gains a brand new track, offering you a total of 8 tracks including two completely new tracks for Azure and Office 365.

These new tracks ensure that we can align closely to the different scenarios available in today’s SharePoint deployments and allow us to cover all key topics for multiple product versions across the various platforms that we can host SharePoint on. There really are sessions for everyone regardless of which version and platform of SharePoint you are working in today or looking at in the future.

As always, the speakers for each track have been invited personally to ensure that we get the right people with real world knowledge to deliver sessions to the right depth that each topic requires and deserves. Sometimes a topic will cover 2 sessions or more to enable sufficient time for the speaker to cover all the content needed without having to rush through.

During the 3 days you can join any session on any track with the reassurance that all of the content will be recorded, allowing you to catch up with all 3 days of content after the event. This is especially helpful if two sessions are on at the same time that you wanted to listen to. In total there will be over 24 days of content to watch after the conference - that alone makes the registration cost worth it!

IT Pro Track

A Track dedicated for SharePoint On Premises deployments for Administrators, Architects, Infrastructure people and IT Pro’s. This track will have sessions aimed at best practices for Deployment and Configuration of SharePoint along with upgrading and migrating to the latest version of SharePoint. There will also be sessions looking at scaling and capacity planning for various SharePoint components including server infrastructure also used by SharePoint like SQL Server. There will be sessions on Disaster Recovery and real world advice for Virtualization. The speakers on this track have been working with many versions of SharePoint for the last 10 years and all have real world stories from the trenches to ensure you take away the right information for that topic.

Developer Track

A Track for On Premises development and is aimed at giving developers all the right information for developing and building the right solutions and code for SharePoint. You will learn the best practices and the choices for developing in SharePoint and also understanding techniques and methods for migrating code from previous versions. There will also be sessions on real world code optimization and performance tuning using the right tools to test your code. There are also developer sessions to be found on the Azure and Office 365 tracks for those developers who need to understand development methods that are correct for each environment.

Cloud / AzureTrack

Everything you needed to know about working in Azure and the cloud. There are sessions aimed at IT Pro’s, Developers and business decision makers on making the most of this environment such as Hybrid scenarios, DR, Test development and more. On this track we intend to update you with all the latest capabilities in Azure and options for working with cloud providers and integration. For the business people there will be sessions aimed at helping you understand what the offerings are in this space and why you should care, not just for the immediate future but also a long term strategy and understanding where Microsoft and other vendors are taking the cloud and Azure platforms.

Business Track

The Business track is not specific to any version of SharePoint as the sessions are aimed to give business decision makers and SharePoint architects the knowledge and resources to help their business make the most of the SharePoint platform. All too often the business is not involved enough in the design and planning process of a SharePoint environment and this track will have sessions that tackle real world case studies presented by leading industry experts who have been involved in business process projects for SharePoint for many years. This track has no technical content and the audience is aimed specifically at people involved in project management, business process, ROI, Information architects, Information assurance officers, Governance and those interested in business alignment with SharePoint.

Information Worker Tracks

These tracks are aimed at how to use SharePoint for Power Users and collaboration users On Premises but also show where the same capabilities would also work in Office 365 and across different versions of SharePoint. Often you may see something work in SharePoint 2010 but in SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 it needs to be built in a slightly different way. This track will show those differences as well. The sessions are aimed at giving real world examples and best practices for using the technology in a way the users will actually want to use SharePoint in the real world. There will be sessions covering all aspects of the product from an end user perspective including collaboration capabilities, ECM and compliancy, publishing and WCM plus Composites like Access, Visio, BCS and Workflow. There will be some sessions that will run over several session slots to allow the speakers to tie sessions together in order to build a complete end to end solution.

Office 365 Tracks

Tracks dedicated to working in Office 365 and also in hybrid deployments with On Premises. Sessions are aimed at IT Pro, Developers, Business and Information Workers. For end users discover how to make the most of all the features of Office 365 and the changes that have been happening to enable you to make the most of this environment. For the technical people there will be sessions on configuring Hybrid scenario’s with On Premises deployments and for Developers there will be sessions on code development options and comparing these options with On premises deployments. For the Power Users there will be sessions on Office 365 management and administration and for business people we have sessions to help business’s understand what exactly Office 365 brings to the options table and considerations that you need to be aware of in your long term strategy.